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Leveraging Medicare Claims Data to Improve Revenue &  Patient Care - Practice Sustainability Part 5

Recorded May 1, 2020

nurse and senior - REVlytix Cost analytics and InsighCOVID-19 is creating a tremendous revenue strain, forcing many practices to re-imagine the continuation of patient care. As part of Healthmonix's Practice Sustainability series, this webinar will show you how our new product, REVlytix™ can help stop revenue leakage. See how greater insights into your Medicare claims data, can reveal where patients are receiving care, outside your network. Improve your awareness of high-risk patients to proactively track, treat and follow high-risk patients most vulnerable to the coronavirus.  Ultimately, learn how REVlytix can help you drive deep, revenue-generating analytics and insights that can improve patient care and help you impact your MIPS Cost score.

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