New Webinar 

How to Impact MIPS Cost As a Large Group or Health System 


Recorded July 19, 2022


The Cost component of MIPS is now weighted at 30% in 2022, but you have no way of determining how Cost is attributed to your organization or how to impact your score. Large, multi-specialty groups have even more challenges, including a lack of Cost measures that are appropriate for all specialties and clinical situations.

Join us on an upcoming webinar where Healthmonix President Lauren Patrick and MIPS Specialist Mike Lewis will discuss how large health systems can understand what is driving their Cost score,  as well as how to maximize performance and additional revenue opportunities. 

They'll cover the following:

  • Cost performance category in 2022
  • Challenges for large groups and health systems
  • What is impacting your Cost score?
  • What can you do about your Cost score?


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