MIPSpro Data Integration Services

Super-charge your organizations's data all in one place.

Exchange healthcare data with ease by tapping into our integration network. With MIPSpro®, you can view information from multiple EHRs and practice management systems all on one dashboard for simplified reporting and performance improvement. For organizations with over 100 patient visits to enter for the Quality Performance Category, we recommend using one of the MIPSpro® Data Integration options.

This product sheet explains the three options available for our MIPS Data Integration Services; spreadsheet upload, an industry-standard file format upload (HL7, QRDA I, 837/835 billing files), and direct EHR integration. Data Integration comes standard with the MIPSpro Plus Package, and is available for add-on for any other plan that includes  Quality Performance Category reporting.

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 Some EHRs that have been used to load data into MIPSpro:

Abbadox  ComPu Group Medical  EZderm MDSuite OpenVista CareVue 2 Sigmacare
ACE IT  Compulink  ECW  Medent  Palabra  Silicone Mesa EHR
Advanced data Systems  Compulink Advantage  EZDOCS Medent- Community Paradigm SilkOne
Advanced MD  Connect 2 Care   Flatiron Medflow Paragon Simplepractice
Allmeds  Copath  First NEt  Medical Mastermind 
Patient Chart Manager 
Allscripts  Counsel Ear  Fuji Medical Mime 
SoHi Systems
Allscripts Pro  CPSI Fuji Synapse  Medics Doc Assistant
PDS MDsuites 
Allscripts Sunrise  Credible  G Gastro  Medinformation
Perfect Care EHR
Allscripts Touchpoint Credible Behavioral  GE Centricity  Medios 
Spring Chart 
Alta Point  Criterions Geesemed  Medisoft 
Phoenix Ortho
Amazing Charts  Crystal PM gEHRimed Meditab
Physician Solution
Streamline MD
AMs CureMD  Genius Solutions Meditech 
Synapse Fuji Ris
Angel Systems- Avenues Dr Chrono Geriatric Notes Tool Medstreaming
T- Systems
AP Easy DataLink GeriPSY MicroFour
Point Click Care
Therapy Notes 
ArcSys Red Planet Dermwrite  GlaceEMR Modernizing Medicine 
Power Path
Aprima DigiDMS GlenWood Mosaiq / Elekta 
Practice Fusion
Well Sky
Aria  Doc Link by Linsoft  GloStream MD Charts 
Practice Partner 
Avatar Net Smart  Docutrack gMed MD Office Manager 
Practice Suite
Advent Edge  Kantime Greenway  Net Health
Athena Health  Doc Link by Linsoft  HarrisCareTracker  Netsmart
Rabbit Healthcare Systems 
Care Cloud  Docutrack HealthFusion Med Touch  Nextech
Red Planet 
ChartLogic  Eclinical Works  Integrated Dermatology Nextgen
Comobius  EPIC Kantime Orchard