New Webinar 

2022 Final Rule: Finally Seeing MIPS ROI Despite Harder Program


 Recorded November 16, 2021 


CMS has released the 2022 Final Rule and two things are clear: MIPS is much harder than in previous years, but the potential bonus incentives are higher than ever before.  Join us on an upcoming webinar where Healthmonix CEO Lauren Patrick and MIPS Specialist Mike Lewis break down the Final Rule, and how you can capitalize on higher incentives through a focus on performance improvement.  You will learn about CMS-finalized rules that will increase your potential reimbursement, gain an understanding of measure and threshold changes,  see the importance of the Cost category moving forward and the rollout of MVPs . 

  • CMS's objectives for MIPS 2022 reporting
  • New eligible providers
  • Performance threshold increases
  • Quality measure changes
  • Implications of Cost component now weighted at 30%
  • New Cost measures 
  • MVPs


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